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Current Product News

Diels Engineering, Inc., Current Product News

Check this page out for current product news. Also we will keep you updated on any items that might be out of stock and when they will be available again. E-Mail us if you want to check the status of a particular item.


Current Product News:

  1. I was cleaning out one of my printwood storeage shelves and found enough printwood to make up 6 of Kit # 13 the Vought F4U Corsair. Five have already been sold. Price is $34 plus shipping and handling. First come first served.
  2. Kit # 32, the Consolidated Seawolf TBY-2 only 3 kits left after which it will be out of stock indefinitely.
3. Kit # 20, the North American O-47 Observation plane is down to the last 2 kits and it too will be out of stock indefinitely.

Thanks, Dave Diels