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This page will be under construction for as long as Hints and Tips continue to come in. Last updated December 14, 2005.

Hints and Tips should apply to Diels Engineering Products are preferred but any will be screened by us for applicability. Depending on how
many and what type we get we may create catagories to make it easier to find those of interest to the reader.


1. Attaching tissue to models.
I use a 50-50 mixture of Elmer's carpenters glue and water, maybe even more water than than 50%. I have been using it for about 30 years
now. I started experimenting with it because of the dope smell that seemed to permeate the entire house no matter how little of it was
applied. I still have several of the models from those days and the tissue is still intact. As for cost it can't be much more than a few
cents per model if that. Of course I didn't keep my models where moisture was a problem.

I like to use old 35mm film containers and squirt a dab of glue into it, then add at least an equal amount of water and mix. Then I use
any old small paint brush and brush the frame edges where the tissue attaches with enough of the glue misture to stick to the tissue. I
apply the dissue dry and smooth it onto the frames with my fingers making sure that the glue sticks to the tissue.

After the glue has dried I spray the tissue with a light coat of water to shrink it and mount it to the building board if a wing or thin tail
surface to prevent warping. The water spray has never released the tissue from the frames.

I still use this method today and will continue to do so until otherwise prohibited by law.(Smile).

2. Handling and applying thin decals.

The waterslide decals are very thin and somewhat fragile. We recommend when trimming them that you leave about 1/16" all around to prevent  disintegration of the colored part of the decal. Soak in warm water until the decal starts to release from the backing paper. Position the backing paper near where the decal is to be located and carefully slide the decal onto the model. Another suggestion is prior doing the above, get a can of spray
lacquer from any store and apply two or three light coats over the
whole sheet, allowing time for drying in between coats.
Krylon is one brand, although most discount or craft stores may have
alternate brands including some specifically recommended for decals.